Why you shouldn’t feel so bad about that Easter Chocolate

Easter is here, and that means that sweet temptation is here too. There’s more chocolate on the shop shelves than ever and, unless you live alone, you’re likely to see a lot more of it around the home, as well. Easter eggs are not a new foe to the fitness-minded, but is it something to really feel so guilty about when you break into one?

It won’t do you that much harm

We all deserve a treat now and then. While it’s not recommended that we consider chocolate a frequent reward for our hard work, once in a while won’t do you any harm at all. There might be a few more calories than you would normally like, but we all need carbs and sugar from time to time. A treat doesn’t have to become a habit, so just enjoy it.

Cheat meals can work for you

Letting guilt take root in your mind is much worse for you than indulging in a treat once in a while. The worse you feel about it, the more it can undermine the positive attitude that helps you in the gym. One cheat meal won’t undo the work you’ve done. In fact, many people incorporate a weekly cheat meal into their fitness schedule to make it all the easier to keep the effort up without the worries of depriving themselves entirely.

In conclusion, you don’t need to feel so bad about scarfing down some Easter chocolate this weekend! Consider it a recharge, giving you both the motivation and the energy, you need to get back to the gym and back into your fitness routine when the break is over.

Enjoy the break everybody! 🙂